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Us Alone - Laura Stevens + high-res version

Last night I attended a monthly event from Arts­FO­RUM, in which pho­tog­ra­phers can present their work and receive feedback.

I was wowed by Laura Stevens work. tech­ni­cally dif­fi­cult, paint­ing with light over a 1min expo­sure, shoot­ing 30 times for each sit­ting, 2 scene­r­i­ors to achieve the right pho­to­graph. All achieved in cam­era, no lay­er­ing. I was hum­bled by her brav­ery, in this series Us Alone, she shows her rela­tion­ship wor­ries and com­mit­ment pho­bias she was deal­ing with when she moved to Paris with her partner.

Laura pho­tographed strangers she met in bars, but mostly friends that they would all work out dif­fer­ence scenes and roles they could play. I think the result is beau­ti­fully inter­est­ing and dif­fer­ent. The light is fan­tas­ti­cal, but the emo­tion and detail so real.

Laura has fin­ished the project and is now crowd fund­ing for her exhi­bi­tion, she has a few days to go and some of the presents are signed prints, post­cards and shoots, I rec­om­mend peo­ple help­ing her exhibit these pho­tographs as when I saw them pro­jected last night, they took everyone’s breathe away and was applauded for her hard work and honesty.

You can also have shoots with her and work­shops as part of her Crowd­fund­ing, more info

Lauras site

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