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Emily Durant — Lookbook

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Clothes & Styling: Emily Durant

Model: Anya Zebags,

Hair & MUA: Patri­cia Bella


Pro­por­tion & Tai­lor­ing is Emily’s first col­lec­tion and also her final piece for her Mas­ter of Design degree at Brighton University.

Her inspi­ra­tion was 90’s fash­ion, when mod­els were more androg­y­nous and clothes played with being over or under sized. Emily wanted a blank urban look to her pho­tos, not too styl­ized, so I offered her the large tex­tured con­crete walls at Brighton Marina.

Anya is a new model, from Ams­ter­dam, who was easy to work with and offered a fierce con­fi­dence in her looks.

My chal­lenge this time was to rely on poses and the look of the model and not the light­ing. I decided not to bring any lights with me on loca­tion and to con­cen­trate on a nat­ural look.

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Marina Abramovic — The Artist is Present


Marina Abramovic The Artist is Present Trailer from Dog­woof Doc­u­men­tary on Vimeo.

Beau­ti­ful, mov­ing and inspir­ing. Per­for­mance artists have a cer­tain rep­u­ta­tion and my girl­friend intro­duced me last year to this one — who com­pletely changed all that.

This film doc­u­ments Marina’s at ret­ro­spec­tive MoMA, many per­for­mances were re-performed by oth­ers and Marina her­self gave a new piece. From open to clos­ing time, every day, for the entire 3 month show, she sat with any­one who wished to sit with her and she did not move.

We some­how learn to never stare, to not look for too long — she invited the pub­lic to do the oppo­site — to open up and to look back. Each per­son had an intense per­sonal expe­ri­ence and the results were touching.

This is quite an hon­est film, about an artist, her life and work.

Please watch with open eyes.

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